Thursday, December 30, 2004

Go Daddy Go

Corporate Blogging gets Personal

As many of you know, blogging is becoming more and more prevalent in the world, and more and more spread through the world of business, especially tech businesses. It’s value as a promotional and communication tool is growing.

I just recently discovered a new blog that I recommend that everyone study. It’s called Hot Points, and it can be found at It’s done by Bob Parsons, the founder and CEO of What separates this from other corporate weblogs is that it’s actually written by the big daddy himself. This isn’t a staffer, like many of the election blogs were. This is the man, telling about his perceptions of business, tech, and the world. There’s some really interesting posts about the Marines in Iraq and about the tsunami.

So what?

Well, this is a great way to establish so much for the customer. Confidence: We know that the boss is interested in a corporate culture of customer service. Connection: We read about how he feels about what’s happening in the world around him. Not just as a business person, but as a human. Go Daddy suddenly changes from a faceless corporation to a team of people we can work with.

It also establishes a lot for the company. Promotion: As we read the blog, what are we doing? We’re going back to the site again and again. Can’t beat that, right? Traffic, branding. Loyalty: Since we keep coming back to them to read the blog, they’re building loyalty with us. We’re likely to go back when we buy. Communication: They can tell us things that are changing within the company, and tell us about trends in tech that will impact them and us. Suddenly their moves in the market will seem less arbitrary, more reasoned.

Seems like this case study shows the power that a company blog, done by the company head can bring powerful results.

Any questions?

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