Thursday, November 11, 2004

Competition on the Horizon

Now, it's not my intention in this blog to get too tech oriented. It's more about business and marketing.

But-it IS about internet marketing and online business, and it's impossible to succeed without knowing your environment and being aware of what's happening in the tech world around you. So, I might touch on it from time to time.

And the other day, a new program was released, a new web browser, called Firefox. It's an outgrowth of the Mozilla web browser, and quite possibly the only contender showing any promise to compete with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The web gurus are saying that it's full-featured, faster, and more secure.

Now, I'll be loading it myself, especially on my home computer. I've been using Mozilla there for quite some time. Since I'm in a position here at work where I'm teaching people how to use their computers, and since the majority are still using IE, that's what I'll continue using at work.

But let's talk about that majority. When I first heard about Mozilla, I wrote it off as a geek thing that would never take over in the real world. Then, as I've been tracking my traffic to my sites, I've been noticing amazing things. Currently, on my Mo' Boy blog, about 25% of my total traffic is Mozilla. That's enough for me to call it market share! Heck, less than 5% are Macs, and they're still considered contenders...

So, what does that have to do with your small business? Well, you might want to consider using it as your browser. Less susceptible to pop-ups and spyware, not to mention viruses. Keep in mind that a fourth of your customers might be using it, too. So, you'll want to at least install it so that you can check on the look and functionality of your site. You want it to work in both, right? 25% of your customers is nothing to sneeze at!

Plus, the price is right: Free!

More information on Firefox:


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