Sunday, August 09, 2009

Utilizing other Resources to Write Great Content

What Do I Write?

If you've been blogging for a while, either as a way to drive traffic to affiliate programs, or as a way to promote an ecommerce or dropshipping website, you'll know that it can sometimes be tough coming up with ideas of things to write about. Here are some suggestions:

  • Other bloggers

If you're doing a blog, you should be reading blogs. Reading what other people are saying is a great way to get ideas of what to write about. Do a search for your topic, with the word "blog" after it, and just start reading what other people are saying. Then, write about the things you read.

Don't think that's stealing, either. In fact, if you talk about someone else's idea, cite them and link to them! Then tell them about it, and chances are, they'll link back to you. Bonus!

  • Articles Directories

Remember when you wrote articles and submitted them to directories as a way to generate links? Well, go back to them and use them as idea mines! Go to a directory like, and search for your own topic keywords. Read a few articles, and see what comes to mind.

  • Pop Culture

Popular culture is fickle. Movie and music stars come and go. It's easy to dismiss it all as fleeting. But, it's also easy to capitalize on the immediate attention it generates. If you write a blog post about something that's "in", and you do it right, it can spike your traffic! I once wrote a blog post about a controversial movie, that, in the long run, wasn't even that big. I included the name of the movie multiple times in the post, and my traffic went crazy that week.

On the lower part of the Yahoo main page, there's a box labeled, "Today's Top Searches". Look those over, and see if there's one or two that apply to your niche. If so, write about it, and use the keywords.

  • Newspapers/news sites

The news is also a great place to find ideas. Watch the local and national news on TV. Read the paper. Read current events magazines. and are also great sites. You can search those sites using your niche keywords and see what ideas those articles generate.

Google Alerts is a great way to get good news delivered to you as well. You can enter your chosen keywords, and decide how often you want it sent to you. Then Google emails you links to news articles and blogs that relate to your words.

  • Life

Finally, just keep your eyes open. Watch what happens around you. Everything can be a source for something to write about. Don't be afraid to be personal in your writing, too.

On my desktop, I keep a link to a "blog ideas" document. Whenever I read an article or see an idea, I jot it down in there, usually with a link to whatever sparked that idea. Then, when it's time to blog, I check that list first. I always have something to write about.

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